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BEAUTY RITUAL: Fall Skin Care Tips

October 08, 2017

BEAUTY RITUAL: Fall Skin Care Tips

Fall is absolutely our favorite time of the year, BUT this seasonal change can be unforgiving on your skin if you're not prepared. If you've been following our blog, you know that we are always here for a good acronym. If you're new here-- We live for a good acronym! Here's one for Fall Skin Care-- 
G. E. M.: gentle, exfoliate, moisturize...
The fall and winter months can be particularly brutal on our skin. The key to remember is that whatever you do to your skin, keep it gentle. We advocate for this approach to skin care all year round, but especially now that we're heading into cooler and dry drier weather. Now, if you have a specific medical concern regarding your skin, definitely consult and follow what is prescribed by your doctor. But, if you don't and are just looking to maintain healthy skin this season, we recommend that you give harsher daily cleansers and toners a skip. If you avoid stripping your skin in the first place, you don't have to worry about getting so much moisture back into the skin to combat fall/winter dryness <insert that meme with the guy pointing at his head and smirking because he thinks he thought of something deep & profound>... 
Even though it's fall, you still want to keep that summer time glow #Obvi #NoJudgement. Without that gorgeous sunkissed glow we usually get from all the outside #SundayFundays over the summer, you may start to notice that your skin is looking a bit more dull than usual. This is when most think they need to kick up their facial cleanser to remove what they think is excess dirt. That's not always the case! Sometimes that dull/rough/un-sexy look is due to dead cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin that were "concealed" by that summer glow, which means it's time to start exfoliating regularly. Now before you grab a bag of salt or sugar and DIY a scrub, remember the first tip: gentle. More often than not, salt scrubs and sugar scrubs can irritate the skin, even those with finely-ground crystals can result in micro scrapes and tears, especially when used too frequently-- not a good look! For gentle regular exfoliation, we recommend acidic exfoliation. Disclaimer: using acidic exfoliators can go left if used in high concentrations too frequently, so don't go crazy-- don't use more than one exfoliating product in one session (Ex: If you're using a face mask with alpha hydroxy acid, don't follow with a glycolic acid serum); don't leave a facial peel or mask on your skin for longer than the recommended time; high concentrations of glycolic acid and sun exposure DO NOT MIX. Had to get those points out of the way first! *whew*... Now, acidic exfoliators are amazing when used appropriately-- using an AHA mask once a week can rid the skin of those stubborn, straight-up disrespectful dead cells that lead to breakouts & skin discoloration. Using a glycolic acid serum every 1-2 nights before bed can encourage more cell turnover. Even for those with the most sensitive skin or who are new to acidic exfoliation but are a nervous to jump into full-blown exfoliating treatments, using a cleanser that has a low concentration of lactic acid (the most gentle of alpha hydroxy acids) can make a visible difference with continued use. All that to say this: Exfoliation = New skin cells = fresh, smooth, plump, soft, radiant skin all season long. 
ICYMI: Moisture is everything-- every season, every day for every skin type. However, at the end of the summer, the general understanding is that the end of summer means the end of lightweight moisturizers. Respectfully, we disagree-- a proper moisturizer doesn't have to be heavy to effective. You can DEFINITELY use what you have to get what you want *wink*.... We recommend holding off on bringing out the heavy hitting creams until you're in the throes of winter (and even then, take it easy) and simply kick up your moisturizing sesh overnight. TWIST! You should be applying a light but effective moisturizer before heading out about your day (if you think that you need a little more umph, apply a light facial oil for an extra layer of protection in particularly harsh conditions). But you can also apply moisturizer before heading to bed: apply a generous layer of moisturizer, almost like you would apply a face mask, and allow about 5-10 minutes for it to penetrate then massage in any excess. If find that your skin is especially parched, gently press a bit of face oil over top -- that way, the moisturizer has nowhere to go but into your skin overnight.  The result: waking up to ultra-hydrated skin that's ready to handle whatever the day may throw at you. But remember what we said about moisturizers: less is more-- only turn up the dial with the tips when necessary.
* * *
If you have any questions about cleansers that don't involve a specific medical condition, drop it in the comments below. And, if we can't answer it, we promise to ask a reputable source who can. 

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