BEAUTY RITUAL: Hydration Salvation

October 25, 2017

BEAUTY RITUAL: Hydration Salvation

If you remember from our previous blog post, our acronym for Fall Skin Care is G. E. M.-- this week, we're showing you how JAUNT does MOISTURE
As you probably know, it's best to dress in layers to keep warm or to deal with fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. Well, that same idea applies to skin care-- in this case, hydration. Think of it as you further customizing your skin care regimen. You want to apply your products based on how your skin is responding to weather changes, working in layers from thin to thick toner, moisturizer, oil. 
  • First Layer: EMBARK! You always want to start with a hydrating toner as a base. (Well, really you want to start with a non-stripping cleanser like WANDERLUST or TROUVAILLE, but let's stay on track)... If you haven't already, move that alcohol-based toner to the side for a while because it's not going to do you any favors in terms of moisture in the colder/dryer months ahead. EMBARK-- our water-based toner--  easily penetrates the skin to balance its ph level so that it's in the optimal condition to receive all the benefits from what products come next. Even more, EMBARK serves as a light base layer of hydration from Saccharide Isomerate (a wonderful humectant that can draw moisture into the skin for up to 3 days), while colloidal silver & niacinamide calm redness and irritation by decreasing inflammation. (PS: colloidal silver can even improve acne with its antimicrobial effects.) For some, especially those in warmer, more humid climates, EMBARK may be enough to keep your skin hydrated all day. Here in NOLA, it's quite humid, so we formulated it with a dash of Vitamin C and Watermelon Extract to protect your skin from environmental stressors if you want use this in its own. But, if you find that your skin gets dry quickly, you may need a little more "umph"...
  • Second layer: SANCTUARY! This powerhouse is a serum AND a moisturizer! Wait... Let's back up:  a serum is a super-concentrated dose of an active ingredient (which is why they're kinda pricey) that addresses certain issues. It needs to quickly penetrate the quick to work its magic, which is why they should be applied as soon as the skin is balanced by the toner. Think of it like a party: the hydrating toner needs to get to the venue first-- unlock the gate, arrange the chairs, and get the DJ set up. Then, the serum gets there with the decorations-- paying special attention to all the imperfections you don't want your guests to see, like patching up that huge hole in the wall (hyaluronic acid helps rebuild & strengthen the barrier function of the skin so it can better retain moisture) or cleaning up weird stains on the floor (Vitamin C  treats loss of radiance & uneven skin tone).  Now, a moisturizer is something that hydrates the skin but also helps to prevent water loss-- a dual function where some of it needs to sink to deeper levels of the skin and some of it needs to stay toward the surface so that moisture can't escape so easily. Keeping with the party analogy: the moisturizer is responsible for the food AND sectioning off areas where the guests aren't supposed to be like storage closets. (I had to stop for a laugh break as I type)... Usually, serums should not be mixed with moisturizers, especially during fall/winter because this is the time when most reach for thicker moisturizers. Thicker moisturizers are formulated where the bulk of the it reduces moisture loss by staying in the surface layer of the skin and a very small proportion penetrates to deeper levels, so the active ingredients in the serum get trapped at the surface and can't get where it needs to go. In other words, thicker moisturizers block everything off before the serum can cover all the wall holes or weird stains on the floor. And because they're so preoccupied with that, you're left with a huge table that only has a plate of grapes on it-- NOT a good look at a party... But SANCTUARY is formulated differently: the bulk of its lightweight hydrogel formula is comprised of fast-absorbing, deeply-penetrating ingredients that can carry active ingredients where they need to be, while lower amounts of Sea Kelp & water-soluble Shea Butter hang back in upper layers of the skin to strengthen your skin's defenses (Nope, not on top of the skin-- they chill within the surface layer, leaving your skin with a matte to satin finish-- you're welcome *wink*).  Still, even after all that synergistic work, as time goes on, some may find moisture leaving the skin faster than they would like-- especially those enduring harsher temperatures. Remember: the skin is porous; it's inevitable that some moisture will escape. The goal is to do what we can to keep it in the skin as long as possible. However, but we don't want to suffocate it by applying an impenetrable barrier like a wax-heavy product over it. It only means that you need a...
  • Third Layer: RETREAT! In the party analogy: this luxurious beauty oil is the bouncer, that final light layer of protection against fall weather that can pull moisture out of the banging party that's happening in your skin. Also, because RETREAT is made up of non-comedogenic oils like squalane & sunflower seed oil, it won't clog pores, meaning that it won't kill the party vibe while it's doing its thing. Wait-- even better, this oil blend is packed to the rim with restorative & rejuvenating vitamins and fatty acids. By the time the party is over and you go to wash your face, you'll find that the venue is more beautiful from the outside than how you found it-- Wins all around!!
Lagniappe: an Esthetician gave me a pretty cool tip that I've fallen in love with over the past few weeks. So, we all learned in elementary school that oil and water don't mix. Right. But, in skin care, "mixing" the two actually has a really cool effect-- when combined, the water-based toner carries the nutrients in the oil to deeper levels in the skin and leaves your skin ultra soft! 
  • Wash face with either our WANDERLUST for a gentle cleanse or TROUVAILLE: Clarifying Cleanser for deeper detoxifying cleanse 
  • Take 1 pump of RETREAT & 3 pumps of EMBARK in the palm of your hand 
  • Blend together and massage into skin until absorbed
After my first time time trying this, I didn't wash my face for a few days because I wanted to see how long these effects would last-- My face stayed balanced, hydrated, and not greasy for 3 days 😁
* * *
If you have any questions about that don't involve a specific medical condition, drop it in the comments below. And, if we can't answer it, we promise to ask a reputable source who can. 
Do you have any fall skin care tips? We'd love to hear from you!

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