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November 07, 2017


At Jaunt &Co., men's skin care is a priority-- not something that is thrown together as an afterthought that's only promoted on Fathers' Day or Christmas. If you're a woman, you may be saying to yourself, "Well, the man in my life just uses my stuff, so why does he need his own?" Or, "Why do things have to be divided by gender?" If you're a man, you may be saying to yourself, "Well, I just use her stuff. Or, "men don't need/use that or shouldn't care about that kinda stuff." To that first idea, I say: because of certain biological factors, men's skin is fundamentally different from women's skin: it's much thicker with larger sweat glands, tends to be oilier but drier, and is constructed to produce facial hair (not like the stray hairs/light mustaches that  women can experience). So, in terms of the long-term health of the largest organ on their body, men do need a skin care regimen that addresses specific concerns, mainly cleansing and hydration. 
My response to the other idea is a bit more complex, but I'll try to keep it concise. "Masculinity" is one of the most confining & fragile ideas I've come across; and it gets even trickier when thinking though men's skin care & grooming. More often than not, you find that the men's section of skin care/grooming is really small (if there at all), and each of the labels have skull, lumberjacks, an old man with a skull, and all kinds of ferocious animals. It's like, "okay-- we get it." "Femininity" in the beauty/skin care section used to be like that, too. Not very long ago, anything outside of pale skin, red lipstick & blush on a young housewife were "not feminine"-- that was a problem. Fortunately, a lot of ground has been made to rethink "beauty"-- to expand those ideas by pushing for more diverse representations and then to demand that all women's beauty and skin care needs be met. There's still more to do, but it's so much better than it was in 1950. For men, not so much. I've found where a few major brands are stepping up their game, but more broadly, the options in men's skin care doesn't come close to what's offered for women. Is it because women's skin is somehow more complex or needs more special care? Absolutely not! (Wait-- I mean, we are more likely to be product junkies, but that's a different story *wink*) I would argue that the underlying problem is neglect. Men's options for skin care and grooming are much more limited because it's assumed that men won't buy it because caring for one's skin isn't "masculine." Therefore, you'll find that many brands are perfectly satisfied with throwing a pirate on the bottle of a sub-par product because it "reads masculine" (and it's more likely that a man wouldn't know how any better anyway) rather than actually inspiring men to adopt a proper skin care regimen. Additionally, brands are less inclined to bring advancements in skin care they're discovered with women over to men's skin care because, again, they assume men won't buy it because caring for one's skin isn't "masculine." On the flipside, men don't look for more options in skin care or even demand more suitable options in grooming because they think that doing so wouldn't be "masculine" and end up neglecting their skin's health. This is a dual-sided problem that has stifled progress in men's skin care & grooming: 1) it gives the impression that a one-sized-fits-all approach is working, 2) those whose needs aren't met are just out of luck; and 3) Suffering though rough skin, dry beards, and ineffective products ARE tenants of "masculinity." Again, our skin is the largest and one of the most important organs we have (it's also one of the most "telling" of how (not) healthy someone is), so we need to start moving away from the notion that it's okay for men to neglect it. Our move away from neglect is JAUNT MAN.To start, we are offering a 4 products. But, this collection will continue to expand as we are able to produce more quality products. 
First up: Skin Care--
WAYFARER: Complete Cleanse--WAYFARER is a daily cleanser that lifts away dirt & excess oil while alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate the surface layer of the skin & soften facial hair, all without stripping it of necessary moisture. Green Apple Essence leaves skin refreshed, invigorated, and balanced. The star ingredient in this cleanser is glycolic acid. Why? We're glad you asked! Because men's skin is thicker, it's a bit more challenging for nourishing and conditioning ingredients to reach deeper layers of the skin. Glycolic acid helps with that because it temporarily "thin" the skin, allowing moisture & beneficial ingredients to get where they need to go. Additionally, it exfoliates stubborn dead cells from the top layer of skin that traps in oil & dirt, meaning less breakouts. But, what makes this cleanser especially sexy is that the glycolic acid does the same thing to hair. Facial hair is much coarser than the hair that grows on your head (coarse, as in the individual strands are thicker), which is also why it can be a pain trying to keep beards hydrated. The glycolic acid temporarily lifts the hair's cuticle, allowing the strand to receive more moisture. this results in softer facial hair making it easier to shave or manage-- hence, why it's a "complete cleanser." Next, we have REFUGE: Ultimate Hydrogel. Why is it the "ultimate"? This product was designed to be an oil-free aftershave, treatment serum, & moisturizer all rolled into one. Aloe Vera Juice, Cucumber & Chamomile Waters soothe (and heal any shaving nicks) while Green Apple Essence reinvigorates the skin by tightening pores and managing oil production. Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid treat and protect, while Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day-- all without adding any more oil to the skin. See? ULTIMATE.
Now to our grooming products--
Riddle me this: if men's skin tends to be oily, why are they only offered beard oils & waxes to maintain their facial hair? If you think about hair, applying oils to the strands of hair on our head makes up for oil produced by our scalp not making it down the strand. But, that's mainly an issue with curly hair, not straight hair. Also, oil is used to coat hair-- protecting strands, adding shine, and sealing in moisture... SEAL in moisture... SEAL in MOISTURE. WAIT-- so if you apply oil to dry beard that's just been cleansed, you can protect and and shine, what is it sealing in? Clean but dry strands. Also, if your beard isn't long and the oil from your face doesn't have trouble traveling down the strand of hair, why would you put an oil on top of the oil your face produces? And, again, what are you sealing in? This is why so many men have issues with beard oils: 1) they have a shorter beard and the beard oil they are using is keeping their skin oily and clogging their pores while keeping the beard hair dry and itchy; 2) they're applying beard oil to dry hair, which only keeps the beard more dry because it's shutting moisture out; 3) they're applying oil to a damp beard that's unconditioned, which means that it's less likely to retain enough water before it evaporates. Still, the beard hair needs some kind of treatment or it'll just be difficult to maintain. Fortunately, oil isn't the only thing that can protect, add shine, and trap in moisture; amino acids also do all of that. The Conditioning Gel we offer is an oil-free product for beards that employs an amino acid complex to soften and add shine to shorter beards without disrupting the ph of the skin's protective barrier. It can be used alone, but it also makes the perfect base layer under a proper oil to keep longer facial hair hydrated throughout the day. Oh, and then I made a "proper" beard oil-- the Conditioning Balm seals in moisture and adds a natural sheen but also considers the skin underneath the beards. The main ingredient is Squalane because it’s similar to oils found in the lipid layers of the skin, which makes it excellent at helping the skin to retain moisture, while maintaining its suppleness & elasticity. Even more, it’s non-comedogenic, which means that it doesn’t clog pores, and it’s not heavy or greasy. To top it off, I added a touch of wax for added hold and sealing properties and put it in a squeeze tube. 
* * *
If you have any questions about that don't involve a specific medical condition, drop it in the comments below. And, if we can't answer it, we promise to ask a reputable source who can. 

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