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SKIN CARE RITUAL: Hydration + Cleansing

November 15, 2017

SKIN CARE RITUAL: Hydration + Cleansing

If you remember from our previous blog post, our acronym for Fall Skin Care is G. E. M.-- this week, we're showing you how JAUNT does GENTLE (Cleansing, that is). Hydrating your skin starts at cleansing, not after. What do we mean by that? We’re glad you asked— meet your DREAM CLEAN TEAM.

1) If you avoid stripping your skin of all its moisture and disrupting its ph balance too much in the first place by using harsh cleansers or over-cleansing, you don't have to worry about doing the most by getting moisture back into the skin, which is going to be more of a challenge during the colder/dryer months. By “the most,” we mean slathering on too much or too heavy product. We’re proud to say that none of a cleansers strip the skin, but for gentle daily cleansing, we recommend WANDERLUST: Cleansing Rinse & WAYFARER: Complete Cleanse. And, if you need to remove impurities between cleansings but want to avoid the harsh effects of over-cleansing, check out our EMBARK: Prep + Refresh Elixir and TROUVAILLE: Cleansing Tonic— both contain colloidal silver that kills bacteria (the tonic has charcoal for added detoxification).  

2) Clean skin is skin that's ready to receive all the benefits from whatever comes next in your skin care regimen— treatments that hydrate and help the skin hold on to hydration. Not trying to sound like Captain Obvious, but if your skin is covered in disrespectful dead cells or riddled with clogged pores, treatments can't get to where they’re going to work its magic. My suggestion: get you a cleanser that can do both, like our TROUVAILLE: Clarifying Cleanser. The lactic acid in this nighttime cleanser gently exfoliates the surface layer of your skin while the willow bark extract decongestant pores. Added bonus: lactic acid is also a humectant, meaning that it continues to draw moisture into the skin after it exfoliates. You’re welcome *wink*

3) Speaking of nighttime cleansing: if you aren’t, you need to be! Cleansing your skin at night is arguablly more important than a morning cleanse when it comes to hydration. First, this is the time when your skin can work solely on repairing itself without having to battle/protect itself from external stressors. Second, your body temperature increases while you sleep, making your skin more permeable. That being said, if you’re experiencing seasonal dryness, you would want to strike while the iron is hot by applying products designed to hydrate or increase the skin's moisture retention (like RETREAT: Beauty Oil)— you can only do so by starting with properly cleansed skin.

The Takeaway: Don't approach cleansing with the idea that it’s okay if your face feels dry and tight after cleansing because you're going to apply a moisturizer, especially during the fall & winter months because this is when your skin needs moisture the most, yet is more vulnerable to losing it. Instead, approach cleansing practices with intent to attract & maintain hydration.

* * *
If you have any questions about that don't involve a specific medical condition, drop it in the comments below. And, if we can't answer it, we promise to ask a reputable source who can.
Do you have any fall skin care tips? We'd love to hear from you!

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