I was a student at Syracuse University for 8 years, earning 2 degrees and reaching doctoral candidacy in geography. I love my Alma Mater, but I hated how the harsh winters damaged my lips. My lips were beyond chapped. Because there were many occasions where my lips were almost frost-bitten, my lips produced this film to protect itself from the cold. None of the lip moisturizers worked for me, and most lipsticks and glosses worsened my condition. I assumed things would get better then I moved back home to Louisiana-- it didn't. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed a topical steroid. But, thinking about how much I licked my lips, I was uncomfortable using it. I still followed the doctor's instructions, but the steroid didn't work. It was this moment when I realized that I didn't like the idea of applying chemicals or toxins or anything that's not safe to consume on my lips. Frustrated, I started researching moisturizing lip products and how lips are effectively hydrated. I learned that most lip products that claim to moisturize lips only hydrate the top layer of skin. But, because my lips had produced that protective film, I needed a product that could penetrate that. Also, because of my condition, not only did I need moisture, but I needed something that would heal and protect my lips. I needed a product that was deeply moisturizing and regenerative. I researched which natural ingredients would do that and formulated a lip conditioner that worked wonders on my lips. To this day, it’s the only thing that works for me. Then I noticed that on days where I would wear lipsticks and lip glosses, my lips would revert back its problematic state. That's when I knew that I would also need to make lipsticks and glosses for myself-- that's when the fun began!

* * *

I don't know about you, but I LOVE lip stuff!! If you think about it, it all starts with the lips. Before you started navigating that tiresome maze toward your perfect foundation or stumbling through the painful experience of mastering that smokey-eye, you knew that you had that trusty, tried-and-true lip balm/lip gloss/lipstick in your pocket that made you feel like your best YOU. 

I also LOVE geography! The world we live in and ways in which it is studied is incredibly fascinating--it's so much more than rocks and maps! Unfortunately, geography is rather under-appreciated. But, let's be honest, some folks can make it sound rather dry and boring :-(... As I am both a geographer and makeup enthusiast I thought, "How could I bring both of my loves together?" 

Lip stuff teaches us so much about ourselves; it's often the first cosmetic we use to express and explore our personality...What if lip stuff could also be used to teach us about the world around us-- what if lip stuff could also be used to make geography fun? 

With this in mind, LipScape was born!!!