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There's nothing like the rejuvenating fragrance of Jasmine that envelops you on a gorgeous summer day in New Orleans. This is why it's the base fragrance of DESTINATION: NEW ORLEANS, a first step into our collection of body skin care. The ILLUMINATING BODY WASH both cleanses and treats the skin with a low concentration of alpha hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate, smooth, and hydrate the skin. The DECADENT BODY OIL quickly and deeply penetrates the skin to soothe, balance, & leave the skin velvety soft.

 2 oz | 60 ml Each, Suitable for All Skin Types

Directions: Take a generous amount on a wash cloth, sponge, or whatever you choose and massage into the skin. Rinse & repeat. Avoid *cough* sensitive/delicate areas. Follow with DECADENT BODY OIL
Directions: Massage a reasonable amount into the skin; can be used daily, both morning and night

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